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the Bamboo-organ in Roeselare

Once we have received your payment, you will receive an email from us containing all the necessary information to install the sampleset on your organ.
If you encounter any issues with the payment process or installing the sampleset, please contact us via the "Contact form"

Licence Agreement

The objective of Sygsoft Holland is to publicize the great cultural history of organs and other keyboard instruments in the Netherlands and to preserve their characteristic sounds for the future.
To this end, Sygsoft Holland records the sounds of a particular instrument and makes up a sample set from the recording. This sample-set is on sale at the internetwebsite www.hauptwerk.nl

This sample-set has been recorded and developed and is the intellectual property of, Sygsoft Holland, S.A. de Jong (licensor).

This contract is for the sample-set you have obtained.

The licensor grants to you, the licensee, the right to use the sample-set within the framework of these licence conditions and the use of the sample-set for an indefinite time.

The licensee is not entitled to:
a. Copy, re-sample, lease, duplicate, resell, hire-out, grant a sub-license for or further develop the sample set for any form of distribution.
b. Remove or modify the keys and remarks which serve to identify and protect the sample-set.
c. Grant a sub-license and transfer the sample-set to others.
d. Integrate the sample-set whole or partly into another database.
e. Use the sample-set without written permission for public presentation or other modes of sound reproduction.

The licensor maintains all rights related to the sample-set.

The licensee is acquainted with the working of the sample-set, the computer and all the other practical necessities. (for example the software Hauptwerk)
The licensor publicises the minimum technical and software specifications required for the sample to work properly.

The licensee pays a lump-sum not reimbursable, equal to the price stated at the time of ordering.
The sample-set will be sent within 5 (working)days after receiving the payment.

The legal principles between licensor and licensee are based on Dutch law.

Privacy protection of the licensee:
The licensee's details such as name, address, place of residence and e-mail address will never be passed on to third parties without explicit permission from the license.