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About: The Sygsoft Holland Team

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While reading you can listen to our sample set
Laurentius Rotterdam
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Christian Boogaard - You never walk alone

Sygsoft Holland was founded in 2005 by Fred de Jong and Rietje Raatgeep. Fred, a retired piano tuner and software programmer, began creating samplesets out of curiosity in the spring of 2006.
His work as a piano tuner made him accustomed to noticing the smallest details in sound. The emergence of Hauptwerk, a software program conceived four years earlier by a mathematician and organ enthusiast, offered the possibility to reproduce the nuances and character of a real pipe organ through sampling techniques.
Fred used his experience as a programmer and his knowledge of sounds to delve further into the Hauptwerk program. His first project was recording his harpsichord and making the set available on the internet, which was downloaded by 1,400 people.

Johan v.d. Waal van Dijk, a math teacher by profession, was always on the lookout for the best electronic organs.
He also discovered the Hauptwerk program online and was very enthusiastic about the organ sounds he heard.
He found out that the only Hauptwerk sampleset producer in the Netherlands lived in a nearby village, which turned out to be Fred at the time. When he went to collect a sampleset from Fred (they were delivered on DVD at the time), their first contacts were established. Soon, Johan started working in the company and contributed to processing the samples.

Christian Boogaard, an organist in various churches and very critical regarding digital organs, had closely followed the rise of the Hauptwerk program.
He met Johan during a parent-teacher meeting at the school where Johan worked.
They discovered their shared interest in Hauptwerk, which was remarkable since Hauptwerk was not widely known at the time.
This meeting led Johan to introduce Christian to Fred, and it became clear that Christian could also contribute.
Due to his critical ear, he became responsible for cleaning (filtering) all the samples. He also took on programming the wind model and final intonation. As the team's organist, he provided many of the demonstrations for each released sampleset.

Now, the Sygsoft Holland team is complete. Their combined enthusiasm and drive have led to a close collaboration that guarantees high-quality Hauptwerk samplesets.
In April 2024, Fred and Rietje decided to transfer the company to Christian. Fred remains active in the company as a programmer.
Our shared intention is to continue enjoying the beautiful sounds of our Hauptwerk samplesets together.

"In the nighttime hours, when it's completely silent and dark outside,
we set out to record the most beautiful church organs for you.
Sometimes, it's so cold in the church that our breath becomes visible.
We endure sleep deprivation for this endeavor and the thousands of hours of work that follow.
After carefully setting up the recording equipment, we get to work.
Pipe by pipe, register after register,
with and without tremulant,
the blowing of the wind motor,
the sound of opening the stop knobs.
All the sounds in and around the organ find their way.
When we hear the lovely tones of the flutes,
we struggle to stay awake,
only to be wide awake again
when those soft sounds give way to the thunderous 32' pedal stop.
It sounds impressive and overwhelming
in the dark church and the silence of the night.
Sometimes we have to pause
if the rain tapping becomes too intense
or another airplane passes by.
The nights are magical but very long.
Three to four nights with little time for daily activities.
After we lock the church door behind us after the last recordings,
we step into our car tired but satisfied
and drive towards the dim sunrise.
A single bird begins its song in the early morning.
Once home, there's finally some time to rest.
However, usually on that same day,
we start working hard again in the evening.
We eagerly begin the thousands of hours of work that lie ahead of us.
With enthusiasm, we get to work,
eager to hear the first sounds.
The birth of a new sample set.."

Team Sygsoft Holland


Sygsoft Holland
Samplesets for the software program

Hauptwerk ®

The Virtual Church Organ
Complete simulation of a church organ in software, playable with MIDI

Welcome to the website of Sygsoft Holland Samplesets.
Our samplesets bring the lifelike sound of beautiful church organs into your living room through your own digital organ.
What sets us apart from others is our innovative 3-channel technique , allowing you to listen to the organs up close, from a little further away, or even from the back of the church, completely tailored to your preferences.

While our organs may not always enjoy national recognition, we believe their sound is often remarkably beautiful and certainly worth experiencing for many of you.
For instance, we consider an organ like "De Laurentius", with its rich acoustics and overwhelming Bazuin 32', to evoke associations with the famous Cavaillé-Coll organ from Rouen. While reading, why not listen to the following well-known piece:

Play - Toccata van Widor
"The Laurentius" - Toccata van Widor
De Laurentius
"The Laurentius"

Many of our organs are well-suited for playing Dutch chorale music (such as Asma, Zwart, etc.).

But... as mentioned: there's something for everyone! We offer samplesets of various organs, from small single-manual organs - like Krewerd - to larger three-manual organs - such as the organ of the Grote Kerk in Schiedam. In today's market, our prices are affordable, so even those on a lower budget can acquire a very nice organ sample set.

Embark on a journey of discovery through the many beautiful tonal colors of the demos.
They are easy to find, in the slideshow below, as well as at "All our samplesets" (You can filter on this page by, for example, the number of manuals).

Special to know : Our 3-channel technique

Then we would like to tell you about our devised 3-channel technique, where the organs are recorded at 3 locations in the church. This offers a lot of possibilities:
For example, the organ can be heard very directly with all details (i.e., almost without acoustics). Therefore, it is particularly suitable for study purposes, but also for churches that already have their own acoustics. Several churches, where a real organ is not yet possible, or no longer possible, are already making use of our samplesets to their full satisfaction (even in Australia). Also, a combination of Hauptwerk and real organ pipes is a popular option.
Our 3-channel technique can be easily adjusted to a listening position somewhere in the church that you would choose to listen to the organ during a concert.

Continue trying it out for FREE:

The Verschueren koororgel from Oosterhout

Experience our technique and quality for FREE by downloading our new sampleset of "the Verschueren koororgel" from the Basilica of St. Johannes de Doper in Oosterhout.
If you encounter any issues or have questions, we're here to help. Feel free to contact us: Contact form

We wish you lots of joy in playing and listening!
The Sygsoft team,

Fred de Jong:
ODF, Screen layout, additional control samples and loops.

Johan van der Waal van Dijk:
Processing of the samples and technical advice.

Christian Boogaard:
Noise reduction, adjusting the wind model, intonation, demos, artistic advice and overall management.

Wenneke Boogaard:
Administration and website.

You listen to the sample set of "Laurentius Rotterdam"